• To work for the greater benefit of people with rare diseases, represent them fairly and equally by uniting.

  • To produce solutions to every individual who has a rare disease.

  • To improve dialogue and cooperation between the members of the rare disease community

  • To represent our country at the highest level in the international arena by collaborating with both international and local institutions.

  • To raise awareness about rare diseases for the purpose of creating an unprejudiced society.

  • To take an active role in the legislation of legal regulations for rare diseases.

  • To conduct national and international projects according to the United Nations Convention on the rights of child and the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.



  • To raise awareness to the patients with rare diseases in the society, protect their rights, produce solutions that will prevent the violation of their rights, provide them equal and fair access to every domain of life and make them to take part in the society.

  • To conduct activities based on cooperation with the private sector and public institutions, to provide support and improvement of health and education services at national level, to help for the improvement of consciousness.

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